True nervous system healing requires rest not hustle.

You cannot hustle or grind your way toward regulation.

It’s likely that is the exact energy that created your dysregulation in the first place.

Healing demands that we prioritize rest, slowing down and attuning to our needs.

We live in a world where hard work is revered as working long days, being successful at the risk of burnout and exhaustion. Our busy-ness can be worn like a badge of honor.

But what if I told you that the real “hard work” for high achieving, high performing people was taking breaks, doing less and resting?

You’re probably great at working hard and grinding out the hustle. Which means slowing down and doing less is where the real work is…

Now notice when you read the statement “you need to do less”…. What happens in your body?

How does it make you feel?

Does your body tense?

Do you cringe on the inside?

Does your mind race with reasons you can’t?

I understand! This was me… I was stuck in my over-functioning ways. For over-functioning, high achieving people…. THIS is the hard work.

Perhaps you have been conditioned to believe that your worth is in your achievements.

Or perhaps you have developed the survival strategy of staying busy in a subconscious attempt to avoid your own inner challenges or trauma.

Because on some level… maybe “busy” feels safe. And the achievements make you feel worthy.

In order to heal we need to slowly re-write that script and unlearn the patterns we developed to survive.

When the body does begin to feel safe, it can feel exhausted and need more space to do the healing work it hasn’t had time to do.

I refer to this is as the cocoon phase of healing. Slowing things down, making your circle smaller, saying no to unnecessary demands… this is the hard work of slowing down and giving yourself the gift of space to heal.