Therapy for Teens

Therapy for Teens

From the normal struggles of identity, to bullying, family trauma and divorce, this is a perfect time to work through unhealthy patterns and behavior. When we have the opportunity to address these issues at a core level we get to help teens move into their fullest life.

Is your teen struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or having difficulty regulating their emotions? They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, have negative self talk or self-destructive thoughts. Mental health challenges in children and teens show up differently than in adults. Their behavior is their strongest form of communication! They can experience physical symptoms (stomach aches and headaches), behavioral problems (acting out and rages) or learning difficulties (concentration and focus challenges).

Healing Hearts Counseling provides age appropriate therapy for teenagers work through mixed-up thoughts and feelings that lead to difficult behaviors. We understand how to get to the root causes of unhealthy habits, uncomfortable feelings, mixed-up thoughts, and destructive behavioral patterns. We work with parents to create solutions that respect the uniqueness of each teen and how they learn.

We also provide support, therapeutic help, and psycho-education for parents and families. Working with parents is a critical part of helping teenagers heal! We are committed to helping you develop new ways of responding, connecting and interacting with your teen, while maintaining the structure, consistency and predictability that help growing minds and hearts flourish and feel safe.