Our Team

"Empathy has no script. It is simply listening, holding space, withholding judgement, emotionally connecting and communicating that incredibly healing message of 'You Are Not Alone.'” -Brene Brown

Myra Hurtado, LPC-S

Myra is the Owner and Clinical Director of Healing Hearts Counseling. Myra approaches therapy with great empathy as she journeys with clients in their healing process. Creating a safe environment where trust is built, she journeys with clients as they work at mending pieces back together through psychotherapy and soul level healing. She specializes in treating trauma and believes strongly in the mind, body, soul connection of healing and wholeness. If a client chooses, Myra offers to serve clients from a faith based perspective while meeting each client right where they are at with their individual differences, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. She works with adolescents, adults and families.

Myra received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Psychology and then earned her Masters of Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Myra supervises, consults and facilitates training of other clinicians. She is a Certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant and offers consultation and supervision for clinicians. She is also trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1 & 2, Play Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.

Myra has a heart for integrative care. Along with her sister, she opened up The Integrative Healing Center of AZ in Gilbert in 2020. The center is a collaborative space for integrative care. In her work with clients Myra has witnessed the physiological impact of trauma and unmanaged stress on the body. The center provides a space for holistic care, if clients choose, with a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Nutritionist, a Massage Therapist and an Esthetician. For more information you can visit www.integrativehealingcenteraz.com.

When Myra is not in the office with clients or managing the center, you will likely find her on the ball field with her family cheering on one of her four active children!

Services offered by Myra - EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Relational and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Trauma Informed CBT, Child Therapy, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy, Professional Supervision and Consultation

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Nicci Kirlew, LCSW-S - Trauma Informed Therapist at Healing Hears in Gilbert, Arizona

Nicci Kirlew, LCSW-S

Some of Nicci’s favorite words come from Brene Brown when she said, "Empathy has no script. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It is simply listening, holding space, withholding judgement, emotionally connecting and communicating that incredibly healing message of 'You Are Not Alone.' “

Nicci believes that the safety and trust developed between client and therapist is vital for healing. Nicci works to create a compassionate, non-judgmental space to begin the healing process. She approaches therapy using a trauma informed, attachment focused lens. Using, EMDR and other modalities, Nicci works with clients to get to the root of the issues they are seeking help with by really understanding where it started and why the patterns or symptoms have happened.

Nicci received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in 2002 in Social Work. She then earned her Masters Degree in Social Work in 2006. Nicci also completed a post graduate clinical program in Infant Toddler Mental Health from The Harris Institute. Nicci is also a Certified EMDR Clinician with EMDRIA.

Nicci has had her own journey to healing after trauma and illness and knows how important it is to have a trusted therapist. Nicci also believes in the power of the mind, body and soul connection and its importance in the healing process. When she is not working, she enjoys photography, traveling and time with her family. She resides in Gilbert with her husband and crazy little rescue puppy.

Services offered by Nicci- EMDRRelational and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Child Therapy, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy

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Tiffany Wisdom, LPC-S - Relational and Family Therapy at Healing Hearts in Gilbert, Arizona

Tiffany Wisdom, LPC-S

“The best thing you have to offer is yourself” Quote by Lisa Olivera. These words are the best way to describe Tiffany’s approach to helping others by using therapy, connection, and body work such as yoga, and breathe to come back to our authentic selves. Tiffany specializes in working with people to overcome trauma and/or adverse experiences. When it comes to trauma many people lose their connection to their authentic self.  Tiffany believes the brain is always working to protect us and will build up defenses to help get us through to the next moment, this is what is sometimes referred to a survival mode. There comes a time when we no longer need those protections and Tiffany helps find ways for individual’s to build new pathways to re-connect to their authentic self and in the process build confidence and security to create the life they want.

Tiffany’s journey to becoming a therapist was not a linear road. Tiffany has been in the Social Services field for over 20 years. Tiffany completed her Bachelors of Science through University of Phoenix and went on to complete her Masters of Science in Counseling through Southwest Oklahoma State University. Tiffany is also a Certified Yoga Teacher. Tiffany has a passion for creating services in areas of need and spent the last 10 years creating and providing services for people in rural Oklahoma. Tiffany is currently licensed in Oklahoma and Arizona and also provides Supervision for LPC candidates.  Tiffany is EMDR trained through EMDRIA, is a Nationally Certified TF-CBT provider and has extensive experience in Suicide prevention.

Tiffany has worked through her own journey to healing and understands the value of having a therapist to provide a safe place to help guide one through the healing process. Through Tiffany’s own healing experience she strongly believes in the power of healing our mind, body and spirit and that it is vital to have safe people to share our in our journey to healing. In Tiffany’s off time she enjoys hiking, reading, yoga, dancing, and spending time with her Pugawa Snort. Tiffany lives with her family and Snort in Mesa, AZ.

Services offered by Tiffany EMDR, Relational and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Trauma Informed Yoga

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Hannah Calcote, LPC

Someone who had a tremendous impact on Hannah's life once told her that while we are wounded in relationships, we are also healed in relationships. This reminder has informed Hannah of her approach in therapy since she sat down in front of her very first client. It is Hannah's hope that the therapeutic relationship that she builds with her clients imparts just that: restoration from both the wounds which they are altogether too familiar with, as well as those which they may not know are even there. She considers it a deep privilege to provide the space where clients can feel comfortable sharing. Together, Hannah helps her client find hope, as it is never truly lost.

Hannah takes an eclectic approach to treatment, utilizing a blend of both cognitive and humanistic therapy to address each client’s individual needs. She has experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders, as well as with couples on concerns of infidelity, communication, conflict resolution, and codependency. Hannah's particular passions lie in working with emotional regulation, boundary implementation and maintenance, and relational attachment injury repairs. She considers these skill sets to be foundational to the work with all of her clients.

In addition to seeing clients in private practice, Hannah has worked alongside the underserved population within corrections for over five years, and was the lead therapist within an inpatient hospital treating those which suffer primarily from borderline personality disorder, co-occurring with self-harm behaviors and suicidal ideation.

Services offered by Hannah - Mindfulness, Therapy for teens, Therapy for adults, Therapy for couples, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Eating Disorder Therapy

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Lisa Gilbert, LCSW

Since a young age, Lisa has intrinsically enjoyed helping others and has had a concern and interest in the well-being of those around her. It made sense for her to go into the helping profession. She experienced mental illness in her family of origin which allows her to meet her clients where they are at with empathy and understanding.

She is a native of Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University in 1996 with her bachelor's in social work (BSW). In 2014, she went on to obtain her master’s of social work degree (MSW) from California State University in Long Beach and became licensed as a clinical social worker (LCSW) in 2017.

She works with individuals ages 18 and up. Her experience as a medical social worker in the health care setting has given her a heart for those dealing with chronic health issues, medical trauma, a startling diagnosis, the “unseen” caregivers, issues related to dementia, as well as those experiencing grief and loss. Those in grief may feel broken, but they are not broken and do not need to be fixed. They need empathy, genuineness, honesty, respect, and a safe space to share and process their pain. Each individual experiences and expresses grief in their own unique way. Lisa is a certified grief counselor.

Lisa is trained in eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) to address issues from the past that impact relationships, one’s sense of self, and the ability to feel calm and connected. EMDR is a powerful therapy to help clients identify and heal from the root issues that are causing their symptoms. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and enjoys connecting the impact of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings on one’s situation and how to make helpful changes in these areas. She implements dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) into her approach, which focuses on emotion regulation, coping skills, mindfulness, and interpersonal relationships.

In her downtime, she enjoys Pilates, hiking, binging on a good Netflix show, walking her dog, spending time with her husband and three children, and watching her kids play lots of volleyball!

Services offered by Lisa - EMDR, Mindfulness, Trauma Informed CBT, Adult Therapy

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Amy Bryant, LAC

Amy is passionate about empowering clients to create the change and growth needed to thrive as both individuals and members of their community. She earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science at Arizona State University and her Master of Science in Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University.

Amy brings a wealth of real life, as well as professional experience, when it comes to overcoming adversity. Her approach is trauma-informed and includes EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Family Systems, and Attachment-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapies, as well as DBT life skills and others.

She is committed to providing her clients a safe space and the support needed to resolve family conflict, preserve a marriage, overcome infidelity, offer parenting support, or navigate the challenges associated with learning to thrive with a severe mental health diagnosis such as borderline personality or bipolar disorder. Amy is uniquely gifted at helping teens and young adults build confidence and skills around emotional regulation, boundaries and relationships.

Amy is also passionate about assisting families with blended family/adoption challenges, special needs, autism, and attachment disorders. Her strengths lie in assisting families to address the trauma associated with conflict and teaching the resources and tools to ensure family unity. Amy can partner with and empower parents in their efforts to connect with their kids and improve attachment, building lasting relationships in order to thrive in adverse times.

Services offered by Amy - EMDRRelational and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy

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Thomas Arbaugh, LAC, BCC, MDiv, MSC

Thomas has a heart for working with adolescents, adults, families, and couples to help unlock their strengths as they journey through difficult circumstances. He believes that clients are the experts of their own lives and sees his counseling role as a helper and sojourner. In addition to providing counseling services, Thomas serves the East Valley in a variety of ways including as a professional hospital and volunteer fire chaplain. As such, he spends a significant amount of time supporting first responders and front-line medical teams. Although he uses a variety of evidence-based counseling techniques, his primary lens is a systems framework, through which he offers solution-focused, strengths-based interventions to help clients overcome obstacles.

Thomas holds a Master of Divinity with an emphasis in care and counseling from Emmanuel Christian Seminary, a Master of Science in clinical counseling from Milligan University, and a Bachelor of Arts in social work from California State University, Chico. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in organizational leadership at Grand Canyon University. He is a certified coach with Maxwell Leadership Team.

Outside of his professional and civic roles, Thomas enjoys fitness, endurance events, and spending time outdoors with his wife and three children!

Services offered by Tom - Mindfulness, Trauma Informed CBTTeens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Contact Tom at [email protected]

Sara Lewis, LAC

Sara loves the quote "Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us” by David Richo. Sara is passionate about creating a strong sense of self and connection between mind, body, and soul. She focuses on promoting strength, and resilience in her work with individuals who have experienced trauma. Through trauma-informed, client-centered approaches Sara creates a safe space for children, adolescents, young adults, and families, to develop healthy views of themselves and strengthen relationships with acceptance and empathy; helping clients to see the beauty within themselves and enhance their self-worth.

Sara implements mindfulness-based, creative (art/play), and client-centered therapeutic approaches. Sara is also EMDR trained and deeply enjoys helping individuals develop healthy responses to emotional stressors by supporting clients in identifying their strengths and internal/external resources that will help them navigate through traumatic experiences and life challenges.

Sara is a Licensed Associate Counselor with the Arizona Behavioral Board of Health Examiners. She earned her Masters in Clinical Counseling with Grand Canyon University and has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. Sara also has experience in working with children, families and adults in many environments including domestic violence shelters, schools (autism/special needs), and behavioral health.

Sara was born and raised in Arizona and greatly values spending time with her husband and dog Ham, hiking, kayaking, camping, and getting together with family/friends. Sara has experienced her own journey through trauma and recognizes the importance of creating a trusting therapeutic relationship for individuals to feel heard, accepted, and supported throughout their healing.

Services offered by Sara - EMDR, Relational and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Child Therapy, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy

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Christie Mauco, GCU Intern

Christie’s favorite quote is “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
by Maya Angelou

Christie believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harding University and is currently working toward completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is working under the direct supervision of Myra Hurtado, LPC-S.

Christie comes from a multicultural family and understands how culture can impact the family dynamic, so she uses this understanding to create a culturally inclusive environment for all clients. As a child of adoption herself, she understands the hardships and trauma that can come from adoption and is eager to help children and families work through any difficulties in order to experience the love and joy that can come through adoption.

Christie’s goal is to help each individual achieve their goals by listening, understanding, and creating a safe space where clients can openly express themselves, discuss goals, and be equipped with the tools needed to enhance their day-to-day life. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and is particularly passionate about helping foster/adopted children, and as moms who are dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety. If clients desire, Christie can integrate a faith-based perspective during her sessions.

Christie has been married for 12 years and has three kids. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going out on dates with her husband, playing board games, and enjoying Friday’s “Family Movie Night”.

Services offered by Christie - Relational and Family Therapy, Attachment Theory, Child Therapy, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy

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Kaylie Cheatwood, Master's Level Intern

Kaylie approaches the therapeutic process with great empathy and provides a judgement free space for clients in their healing journey. She is a Master’s level intern who received her undergraduate degree from Walden University in Psychology with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology. Currently, she is pursuing a dual Master's degree from Walden University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology.

Kaylie has experienced her own personal trauma, including medical trauma, which has led to her passion for helping others find a safe space to heal. As a veteran herself, Kaylie has the utmost respect for current and prior service members and also has an understanding unique to those experiences. She utilizes a person-centered approach and focuses on understanding the world through the client's viewpoint. This has led to her passionate belief that healing is most effective when done through a holistic lens, addressing the mind, body and soul. Kaylie works with children, teens, adults and families and will be working under the direct supervision of Healing Hearts Counseling’s Clinical Director Myra Hurtado, LPC-S.

Kaylie has a heart for serving people. That path has led her through years of military service and Life Guarding/Water Safety Instruction across multiple states. This front-line work throughout the past decade has shown Kaylie a society lacking in mental health support and guidance. It has become her passion to be a counselor and help those looking for guidance on how to work through traumas and life stressors effectively.

When Kaylie is not with clients, you can often find her with her family, exploring the states and raising her 3 rambunctious children.

Services offered by Kaylie - MindfulnessChild Therapy, Teens Therapy, Adult Therapy

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Janet Turk, Practice Manager

Janet has combined her passion for holistic health and 20+ years of Corporate America accounting experience to serve as our Practice Manager. Through her own healing journey, a desire to help others heal was established. Prior to joining Healing Hearts Counseling, Janet was a founder and Finance Director of a PTSD Recovery Center. She loved participating in and witnessing the transformation of the clients after their healing work was completed. She desired to continue to use her skills in a similar setting, We are so blessed to have Janet with us at Healing Hearts Counseling where Janet continues her passion to help others while using her experience as the Practice Manager.

Contact Janet at [email protected]

Rhonda Laird, Scheduler

Healing Hearts Counseling is blessed to have Rhonda be our first contact for clients. Rhonda brings a wealth of experience and deep empathy as she works to help find a therapist that is the best fit for each client. Rhonda’s favorite quote is "Don't Wait. The time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tool you may have at your command… better tools will be found as you go along.” by Napoleon Hill

Rhonda has been working on the administrative side of health care since 1985 when she first worked in a large nursing home doing personnel and payroll. This was followed by jobs working as Executive Assistant for Phoenix area company Presidents where she honed her administrative skills. She has been scheduling for mental health professionals since 2007. Rhonda has a heart for people and has taken courses in Medical Ethics and Psychological First Aid. She studied education at Arizona State University and also studied to be a paralegal. Rhonda is a single mother with 5 children. She enjoys daily walks with her 2 small dogs and big family get-togethers with her children and grandchildren.

Contact Rhonda at [email protected]