For Clinicians

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning we stop growing.” Albert Einstein

Consultation and Supervision

Healing Hearts is also a place for professional growth! Whether you are a graduate intern looking for clinical supervision, an associate therapist working toward independent licensure, or an EMDR therapist seeking certification or case consultation Healing Hearts is the place for you. We highly value a team environment and strive toward continued professional development. Myra Hurtado is the clinical director and owner of Healing Hearts Counseling. She has created a safe space to staff you clients and grow in your confidence and you provide quality care. Myra offers consultation and training for professionals as well as supervision for associate licensed therapists seeking independent licensure in the state of Arizona as well as Master’s level students seeking supervision in their practicum.

Basic Training - Consultation is required after both weekend one and weekend two of Basic Training for EMDR. The requirements are 5 hours after each training for a total of 10 hours. This consultation can be done individually or in a group setting.

Case Consultation - Myra offers consultation for difficult cases, such as in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders.

EMDR Certification - Myra offers consultation to EMDR clinicians who are interested in becoming certified in EMDR therapy. This is a 20 hour process and Myra offers a minimum of 10 hours of consultation toward certification.

Approved EMDR Consultant - For clinicians that want to become an Approved Consultant in EMDR therapy, this is also a 20 hour process. Myra requires a minimum of 10 hours of consultation for this level (individual or group).

Supervision for Licensure:

Myra is passionate about her work with clients and also finds great joy in walking alongside of therapists who are learning through teaching, training, and supporting their process. If you are looking for a supervisor, contact Myra today. She is current on the Supervisor Registry for the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and offers supervision for Associate Level counselors.