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What is Parallel Parenting?

Divorce or separation can be a traumatizing experience…. no matter the situation. It is an end to a “family” the way it existed, leaving everyone in its wake to figure out how to move forward. Research shows us that the quality of the parents communication and co-parenting relationships profoundly impacts … Read More

What is complex trauma?

Complex trauma, sometimes referred to as C-PTSD, is when a person experiences prolonged exposure to multiple traumatic events. These experiences are often interpersonal (within an attachment relationship or connection) and occur over an extended period of time. This is why it’s often called “developmental” trauma.  Complex trauma can also be … Read More

The Importance of Understanding the Polyvagal Nerve

Research shows us that there are significant long-term effects of unresolved childhood trauma on our mental and physical health. There is not enough education and discussion about the physiological effects such as chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular issues, chronic sleep issues, inability to maintain intimate relationships and  friendships, and the … Read More