Attachment is the deep connection established between a child and their primary caregiver, that profoundly affects the child’s development and their ability to express emotions and build meaningful relationships later in life. Attachment becomes the engine of subsequent social, emotional, … Read More


Boundaries are about feeling clear about where we end and another begins… what is ours and what is theirs. In order to effectively have boundaries we have to have a developed sense of self. If this wasn’t taught to us … Read More


Research shows us that symptoms of depression in men and women can be very different. While women tend to show signs of sadness through crying, fatigue, irritability, excessive sleep/insomnia, and over/under eating, men often manifest depression through anger. Men can … Read More

Self Regulation Tool Kit

I often say “change cannot occur without awareness.” In other words… in order for change to occur we have to bring consciousness to what is happening in our thoughts and our bodies.  We can calm down our nervous system by … Read More


“If you are like me and many people, you go through each day zipping from one thing to another.  But along the way, when’s the last time you stopped for ten seconds to feel and take in one of the … Read More

9 Pillars of Mental Health

Proper sleep – Sufficient sleep, especially REM sleep, facilitates the brain’s processing of emotional information. According the Sleep Foundation, during sleep the brain works to process and remember thoughts and memories. The brain stores new information, gets rid of toxic … Read More

Sleep Hygiene Guide

Let’s talk sleep…. Sufficient sleep, especially REM sleep, facilitates the brain’s processing of emotional information. Sleep also allows nerve cells to communicate and reorganize which supports healthy brain function. Proper sleep allows the body to repair cells, restore energy and … Read More

Metal Health Awareness

A suicide attempt at the age of 16 years old left varsity cheerleader, Emma Benoit paralyzed. She shot herself in the chest while on the phone with her mom… No one saw it coming… I had the incredible privilege of … Read More