Grounding Exercises

What are grounding exercises? And how can they help when you are feeling dysregulated and/or disconnected? Grounding exercises are techniques that can help regulate your nervous system and keep you in the present. They help re-orient you to the here-and-now. Grounding skills can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or … Read More

It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok

In her book “It’s ok You’re not Ok,” Megan Devine discusses the twin paradox of being human. In living our one life, we are here to love and lose. If we commit to loving, we will inevitably know loss and grief. If we try to avoid loss and grief, we … Read More

What is Parallel Parenting?

Divorce or separation can be a traumatizing experience…. no matter the situation. It is an end to a “family” the way it existed, leaving everyone in its wake to figure out how to move forward. Research shows us that the quality of the parents communication and co-parenting relationships profoundly impacts … Read More

The 6 Needs of the Grieving

Grief is a response to the loss of something. When we think of loss, we often think of death. While this is certainly a devastating loss, it also comes in other shapes and sizes. Divorce, retirement, moving, children growing up, and physical disability are other examples of losses that can … Read More

Getting to know the “parts” of me…

In the Internal Family Systems model, we learn to understand and connect to all parts of ourselves. When people focus on, and are able to separate from their extreme emotions and thoughts, they begin to connect to qualities within themselves that make for good leadership, internally and externally. What would … Read More

Atomic Habits: The Power of Creating New Habits

As a trauma therapist I quickly came to understand that if we could just “stop” thinking or behaving or feeling a certain way… most of the time… we would! Healing is more than just “mind over matter”… trauma is held somatically, affecting us at a cellular level. Healing is “unlearning” … Read More

What is complex trauma?

Complex trauma, sometimes referred to as C-PTSD, is when a person experiences prolonged exposure to multiple traumatic events. These experiences are often interpersonal (within an attachment relationship or connection) and occur over an extended period of time. This is why it’s often called “developmental” trauma.  Complex trauma can also be … Read More

Urgency Culture

True nervous system healing requires rest not hustle. You cannot hustle or grind your way toward regulation. It’s likely that is the exact energy that created your dysregulation in the first place. Healing demands that we prioritize rest, slowing down and attuning to our needs. We live in a world … Read More

Anger is a Messenger

Did you know that suppressing anger comes at a cost for your nervous system? Anger is a messenger of self-protection. If you were a child who had an emotionally unavailable parent or an abusive parent, there was likely a chronic experience of helplessness and powerlessness. As we get older, anger … Read More

Understanding Narcissism

A lot of people are talking about narcissism these days. How does Narcissism develop? Theorists propose two developmental pathways in the development of narcissism. Narcissism can develop in a child who has experienced both parental devaluation AND parental overvaluation. Parent devaluation happens when a child experiences parental rejection and/or exclusion, … Read More

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