Billing and Fees

Healing Hearts Counseling Billing and Fees

Healing Hearts Counseling is a fee-for-service practice where payment is due in full at the time of your session. We do not directly bill insurance.The therapists at Healing Hearts are not contracted with any insurance providers and do not directly bill insurance.

Our therapists are considered “out-of-network providers” and, if you have out-of-network benefits, you may receive some reimbursement for our services if you submit claims directly with your insurance company.

However, we provide something called a superbill directly to all clients that contains all appropriate service codes and diagnosis codes. Superbills can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement by the client.  Many of our clients qualify to have a portion of their fee reimbursed through out of network benefits.

Clients can also use their Health Savings Account cards, cash, check and all major credit cards.

Helpful information regarding insurance reimbursement:

Please note that Medicare, Medicaid and AHCCCS do not offer out of network benefits.

The reimbursement amount insurance companies for “out-of-network” services varies by plan.  We recommend calling your insurance company before your first appointment and discussing your benefits.

Here is a list of questions that may be helpful to ask your insurance company:

  1. Are there out-of-network behavioral health benefits for this policy?
  2. Is prior authorization required?
  3. Do I have an out-of-network deductible?
    • If yes, you may want to ask:
      • How much is the out-of-network deductible?
      • What is the start date of the calendar year my out-of- network policy is based on?
  1. Does the policy cover the CPT code listed below?
    • The below codes are frequently used at Healing Hearts. Our fees range from $85-$185 per clinical hour depending on the therapist and the service. Additional time is prorated.
      • Type of Service // Service (or CPT) Code
        • Individual Psychotherapy // 90837
        • Family or Couples Psychotherapy // 90847
        • Family Therapy without client present //90846
        • Group Psychotherapy // 90853
        • 30 min additional session // 90832