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Research shows us that symptoms of depression in men and women can be very different. While women tend to show signs of sadness through crying, fatigue, irritability, excessive sleep/insomnia, and over/under eating, men often manifest depression through anger. Men can appear to be aggressive instead of sad, and because their … Read More

Self Regulation Tool Kit

I often say “change cannot occur without awareness.” In other words… in order for change to occur we have to bring consciousness to what is happening in our thoughts and our bodies.  We can calm down our nervous system by “waking up” the “thinking” brain in our frontal lobe as … Read More


“If you are like me and many people, you go through each day zipping from one thing to another.  But along the way, when’s the last time you stopped for ten seconds to feel and take in one of the positive moments that happen in even the most hectic day?  … Read More